I LOVE Google…

Yes I LOVE Google.

I really do!

And here’s why….

  • They sponsored my Google analytic certification 
  • They helped me better understand their incredible and amazing search operators!
  • They’ve sent me $105,011.94 (to date) as an adsense publisher 
  • I get invited to cool Google educational events.
  • Thanks to their  education I was able to generate 7,255,987 page views.
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BTW… the page views were all driven by SEO.

Good, solid, organic search placement.

Don’t get me wrong…. I’m very familiar with paid advertising.
(I’m scheduled to get my Google certification in adwords in 2014)


I love SEO!

There’s certainly a place for paid traffic to fit into your overall traffic strategy.
In my opinion tho’, in the long term SEO wins.
Especially watching how Google has positioned itself these days.

  • Think it’s a moving target?
  • Not sure if you can trust Google?
  • Wondering what works?

All very legit questions.

I suggest reading “Inside The Plex” by Stephen Levy.

It’s a real eye opener when you’re trying to get your head around how Google thinks.

Regardless how you feel about the BIG G. In your effort to develop good SEO, you’ll be giving your prospects exactly what they need where ever they are in their buying cycle.

So help your target prospects and help Google help you :-)



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