I Stand Against Poverty
I Stand Against Hopelessness
I Stand Against Bullies

A part of America has decided that 
Lying, Cheating, Ignorance and Hating others is perfectly fine

That's Something I Can't Accept and
Something I Want To Change

Mostly I'm tired of people being ugly to each other.

John Coffey - The Green Mile

Seems like where ever I look... 
People are rude or obnoxious or hateful to each other.

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So I decided it was time to shine a light on the rude people, to hold them accountable and who in my opinion (IMO) are villains and need to be exposed.

I believe some heroes are not getting the exposure they need or deserve.

Frankly, it seemed like the heroes are not getting their share of voice, and I intended to help change that. We need to support our heroes.


What If I Could FREEZE the News Feed?

    • FREEZE it to make sure both all actions and comments shared in particular conversations wouldn't be lost as people scrolled by.
    • FREEZE it so I could forever support heroes and expose villains by making their comments and actions "STICK" on the net.
    • FREEZE these stories or "snippets" that abuse or inspire people so they would not be lost.
For better or worse I wanted to "immortalize" people
and hold them accountable

The Power Is At Your Finger Tips... Use It Wisely

One Tweet
One Post
One Comment
One Image
One Video

They can travel around the world in seconds

My Why

As an adult (50+) and online,  I’ve been verbally assaulted and have seen others assaulted and bullied too…

The news calls this divisive. (to cause disagreement or hostility between people)

I call it being rude, obnoxious or bullying

If that's you...

Then I consider you a villain.

And it’s about time someone does something about it.

That means holding people accountable for their actions

I'm a regular guy that likes to help people.

I'm also a student of the internet and I'm using this powerful technology, along with a sprinkle of both "NEW" &"OLD fashion" marketing to get the word out.

My goal is to show people just like you:
  • How to leverage the internet and spread your opinions and ideas.
  • I want to help build a group of passionate people (both young and old) to help me honor and support heroes and to expose villains.
  • I want to help make a difference.

This is how the political piece started... Johnny Bogs

I was online having a conversation about the 2nd amendment and some "villains" verbally attacked and bullied me about my position.

 It seemed like, I was being gaslighted, meaning (someone) was trying to manipulate me, and make me doubt my sanity by using unhealthy psychological manipulation.

This is quite common these days. Many politicians use it (especially Trump), as does abusive husbands and others that try to use this same destructive pattern.

No matter what side of the 2nd amendment you support, there’s no reason for people to disrespect each other or to intimidate you.

What really troubled me…

The person who started the FB conversation was an elected official.

IMO he and others on the thread tried to intimidate me and force their solution on me using this destructive psychological manipulation called gas-lighting.

I Had Enough!

I had it with people being so tied up in their own agendas that they allow civil discourse to go out the window.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to politicians who I expect to work towards a common ground or at least be respectful of another’s opinion.

Especially my elected official.

Just to be crystal clear of what I expect of  a public official:

The spirit of a society depends on the support of all its members.

Of particular importance are people in positions of authority.

In a sense they are the stewards of society, protecting its resources and exemplifying its ideals

They act as guardians of its spirit.


IMO this person did a horrible job "exemplifying our ideals".

When I felt personally attacked by this "public servant" I decided to use the internet to expose people like him (and his trolls) and hold them accountable.

Want the details?

The How

Buckle up!

I'll show you:

  • How I do what I do
  • What exactly I do
  • How you can copy what I do and do it too!