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I've Had Enough!

I’ve had enough of people being so tied up in their own agendas, 
they neglect to look at the bigger picture.

Especially elected officials.
(I expect elected official to work towards common ground and solutions)

Especially my elected official.

Especially Doug Dubitsky.

How I Became the Target of Dubitsky Bots

I was on Facebook.

It was a 2nd amendment issue.

The post was on the personal page (more about that in a second) of CT State Representative Doug Dubitsky, currently serving the towns of Canterbury, Chaplin, Franklin, Hampton, Lebanon, Lisbon, Norwich, Scotland and Sprague in the 47th General Assembly District


  • Some of Doug's views
    (Can you say radical?)
  • How Doug debates
    (Slant or evenness, civil or demeaning?)
  • The comments Doug allows on his posts
    (Lack of leadership?)


 I had never heard of Doug.

I didn’t know I was speaking with my State Representative because Doug was sharing this post on his personal Facebook page.

That meant the post appeared in my newsfeed only as Doug Dubitsky.

Click on his about link, and you can visit his "official" page.

Doug also has ANOTHER Facebook page (#2). You can see his recent political ads.


Not sure why so many pages, or why he separates them the way he does...

In my opinion, both public pages are  “SANITIZED” from any real political discussions.

I wonder if State Representative Doug Dubitsky is violating Facebook's terms of service by only sharing his political news and viewpoints as a current State Representative on a personal profile?

Shouldn't he be transparent and use his existing Facebook, political profile page for political posts?

What a Facebook "Politicians" page looks like

kate donnely
Nothing hidden there


  I choose the person not the party, and I’m not the only one that supports Kate.

Doug Dubitsky's brand of conservatism borders on the radical.

New London Day
Check out what else the New London Day had to say about doug
How This Whole Thing Started

This post appeared in my feed (yellow highlights are mine)

The AR

Doug's comments in my opinion are slanted at best

- The military never adopted the AR-15, it is not a military rifle -
- Referencing the M4, with no mention of the M16 -


In 1964, Defense Secretary McNamara ordered the Ordnance Corps to work with all branches of the armed forces to get the AR-15 ready for issue to all military personnel…one rifle for all branches.

The Army purchased 100,000 rifles for issue to the Air Assault, Airborne, Ranger and Special Forces units.

 In the late 1960's, the US military began use of an AR-15 variant known as the M16 rifle.

This rifle type became standard equipment for the US Army beginning in the Vietnam War.

The M-4 is a short barrel carbine, The M-16 tends to be longer, however, the M-4 also has an improved gas-feedback system improving platform stability. The M-16A1 and M-16A2 have a full auto setting while the A3 and A4 do not.

The major difference between an AR15 and M16 is in the bolt and sear.

Modifying an AR15 to become a M16 is very easy using a "drop in sear" or with one of these kits.

The AR15 sear design allows it to only fire one round each time the trigger is pulled, whereas the M16 sear allows selective fire.

That is it either continuously discharges rounds once the trigger is pulled or it fires in three round bursts. 

The M16 and AR15 are essentially the same rifle, the only difference being the rate of fire. AR-15 Is considered the Civilian version, it is also the platform the M-16 is built up from.

You can see more here  and here

More AR-15 Related Miss Information

Semantic Arguments?
I about fell over when I read;
“the 223 which is a puny little round”

How Others Perceive It


During the investigation by the Ichord Subcommittee of the M16 Rifle Program, Honorable Richard Ichord said

Regarding the rifle’s reputation with the North Vietnamese Army and Vietcong —“I understand that they refer to this rifle as ‘black rifle,’… I have heard their motto is ‘Beware of the units with the black rifles’… they have been possessed with deadly fear.”

Dr. Ernest E. Moore "The Parkland shooter's AR-15 was designed to kill as efficiently as possible."

The effectiveness of these weapons comes, first and foremost, from their ability to deliver relatively small sized, high velocity bullets in rapid sequence into a body, inflicting lethal damage.

The AR-15 is, by design, easier to shoot accurately and rapidly than a typical hunting rifle because it mitigates recoil.

The killing potential of a gun is primarily based on the amount of energy imparted by the bullet when it strikes the body.

The velocity that a gun can impart on a bullet is the dominant factor in determining its killing potential.

Tissue destruction of the AR-15 is further enhanced by cavitation, which is the destruction of tissue beyond the direct pathway of the bullet.

You can read the full article here  https://go.johnnybogs.com/tiny223

There appears to be a misunderstanding or misrepresenting of the AR-15 vs. M-16 issue, and its history, along with the "semantics and puny" comments (either on purpose or by accident).

Although the responses speak volumes
about Doug's position and style of debate

Here’s Doug’s response regarding my suggested links:

"Don't try to bolster the unsupportable using MSNBC and Snopes as your based data sources" - Doug Dubitsky State Rep

Both Snopes and the MSN article listed citations to document the information provided in both articles

Snopes article - 5 on page “links out” to facts that corroborate and document the information provided in the article, in many cases, they linked out to gov agencies.

MSN article - 17 on page "links out" to documentation that support the information presented in the article, plus a total of 139 references/citations are included.


That is why I started this post with:

"I’ve had enough with people being so tied up in their own agendas that they neglect to look at the bigger picture.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to politicians who I expect to work towards common ground and solutions."

The "gist" of our "conversation" was about gun laws 
and the Australian crime stats (since Australia instituted their gun program).

Faking Waves: how the NRA and pro-gun Americans abuse Australian crime stats (complete article here)

"Claims that Australian gun laws have increased crime are pure spin and deception. They say more about American partisan politics than about the reality in Australia."

“So pulling the guns from circulation did reduced gun violence. The proportionate use of knives in robberies, remained fairly constant, while the number of robberies DECREASED dramatically.”  Details

The reason for this post was less about the gun issue

And more about Doug's responses or lack of them.

To be clear...
I am pro-gun, but I use common sense as my guide.

In my opinion, Doug was not showing leadership qualities that I would expect in an elected official.

We need more understanding in America and Doug doesn't seem to support that.

What I did

I downloaded State Representative Dubitsky’s post, including all comments and reply’s.

I had my virtual assistant (located in the Philippines) create a listing all the people in the post, including comments and individual screenshots of every person’s FB profile.

I created a spreadsheet with links to each persons Facebook page and sorted by the number of comments.

I also included screenshots of each person's page, an example below.

Mr. Corbino was the most vocal on the post with the highest volume of comments. 
This screenshot is what he allows the public to see.

I had higher expectations from my elected official
I was surprised in State Representative Doug Dubinsky’s lack of monitoring comments and the “methods” of his arguments

I was very disappointed and dissatisfied in his leadership.

Some of the responses in the post seemed to deteriorate into rudeness, and slanted presentation of facts using Trump-like tactics to promote an obvious agenda rather than share solid facts and look for a solution.

Trump-like tactics discount facts,
and curtail responsible, reasonable, conversation

6 Unhealthy Trump Tactics

  1. Appeal to emotions - When you appeal to emotions, facts don’t matter

    (When facts don’t matter, you can never be wrong)

  2. Warp reality until you achieve your goal
    (When the most relevant statistics give the “wrong” answer, advocates often switch to less relevant statistics that give the “right” answer)

  3. Red Herring
    (Changing the subject)

  4. Circular Reasoning
    (Using an unproven point to prove a point)

  5. Straw Man
    (Oversimplifying the opponent’s argument)

  6. Gaslighting
    (a common tactic used in abusive relationships)

Like most Americans, I expect more from my elected officials.

I've had it with the current Trump like politics.

It's time for a change!

I'm with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.

"This is a time when no matter what your political persuasion is, 
we need to turn the volume down.

We need to have a civil discourse.  We need to be talking with one another."

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.
It was disappointed that Doug was representing me!

"Three trends — polarization, media change, and the rise of what many people see as threats to the traditional social order — have contributed to a growing divide within American politics.

Trump has purposefully exacerbated the “many especially acrimonious political debates now dominating public discourse, deepening not only the authoritarian divide, but the divide between open and closed-mindedness, between acceptance and racial resentment, and between toleration of an aversion to change.

... it is an extraordinarily destructive strategy for governing the country and for safeguarding America’s interests in the world." Full article here


Katie Couric's new show America Inside Out
aims to change the way we view our country and each other.

Occupy Democrats can be over the top but the video is important

In my opinion, Doug and his “followers” are not focused on a solution; they’re trying to win rather than trying to understand, have a reasonable conversation or most importantly look for a solution.

Frankly, I believe most of them are scared and I can't blame them.

The trump administration spews lies, fear mongering and baseless claims that are enough to scare most people.


“Healthy discourse is fact-based, logical discussion of an issue without the use of any abusive language and without dependence on informal or formal fallacies.

The discourse that relies on anything but facts and logic, that includes verbal abuse, is not healthy discourse.

 Healthy discourse is based on facts--verifiable facts.   Issues are discussed with those facts in mind--not opinions alone and the logic connecting those facts is sound.

Facts contrary to the position of one person must still be dealt with--logically, calmly--if they can be shown to be facts and not factoids."  Full quote 


Doug Dubitsky is not the person to represent me

More about Doug Dubitsky
  • 2014 - 2016 - 2018 Doug Dubitsky has FAILED the Political Courage Test
  • Doug Dubitsky was rated 75% by Connecticut Business and Industry Association
  • Doug Dubitsky was endorsed by National Rifle Association
  • Doug Dubitsky voted Nay (Passage) - HB 5460 - Requires Raise for Home Care Employees
  • Doug Dubitsky voted Nay (Passage) - HB 5542 - Prohibits Bump Stocks

Details here https://go.johnnybogs.com/dumpdoug

I tried to get DumpDoug.com but it was taken

I did get:

You could even use Google Search

It would be easy to build out an inexpensive website or point that domain address to this blog post, plus Facebook and Twitter are free.

For a very small investment you could (using targeted advertising) reach out to people on all 3 platforms that are solid democrats, anti-gun, anti-bully.

Once you get the"pump" primed, social media would take over and the number of people choosing sides, having conversations and driving eyeballs would grow.

In this case I was less apt to spend my money on a purely "negative" advertising campaign and more willing to spend my money offering up advertising that promoted a more worthwhile candidate for the position.

The person that I'm voting for and who is also recommend by The New London Day is Kate Donnelly

Let’s hold our elected officials accountable.

Take control of your social media and promote the positive (example: get behind your candidates, like Kate Donnelly) and call out the negative influences.

Make America Civil Again

This is the Internet and your voice/comment/opinions will STICK
And someone like me will find them and share them for your neighbors and the world to see.
So for Pete's sake, treat people like you want to be treated...
(You'll never go wrong)

As I was researching this I came across these articles:

  1. Why Good People Turn Bad Online
    The constant barrage of abuse, including death threats and threats of sexual violence, is silencing people, pushing them off online platforms and further reducing the diversity of online voices and opinion.

But this has a consequence of favoring divisive and strongly emotive or extreme content, which can in turn nurture online "bubbles" of groups who reflect and reinforce each other's opinions, helping propel the spread of more extreme content and providing a niche for "fake news." In recent months, researchers have revealed... https://go.johnnybogs.com/russian

2. Why People Ignore Facts 
When it comes to reasoning, identity trumps truth. Less about facts. A desire for identity consistency may help explain why we can be so uncomfortable engaging with opinions that challenge our beliefs. Complete article https://go.johnnybogs.com/avoid

3. The Partisan Divide on Political Values Grows Even Wider
Blocking out information we disagree with—through creating social media echo chambers, reading partisan news, or only surrounding ourselves with friends who agree with us—can also lead to our opinions becoming more extreme.

A number of psychological studies have shown that group discussions can lead people to hold more extreme beliefs than they would on their own—a phenomenon known as group polarization. Complete article https://go.johnnybogs.com/divide

Other studies found that correcting false beliefs about Trump caused people to change their beliefs, but this did not change how much they supported Trump.

No matter how strongly you feel,
it has zero effect on the facts

"You may feel very strongly indeed--you may be passionate about something--but that doesn't mean the other guy's facts don't count and you can ignore them.   It is not healthy (in discourse or for that matter psychology) to deny reality.

It is your responsibility--everyone's--to dig up facts and work with facts until they are more comfortable than opinions.  It is your responsibility--everyone's--to pick up the tools of clear thinking and learn to use them.

You may feel that your opinion should have the force of fact--that your appeal to tradition, to authority, should get the job done--but in healthy discourse there is no substitute for facts and sound logic.

Unless you can think--think outside the box of your opinions, your habitual reliance on slipshod logic, you cannot engage in healthy discourse."
Complete article https://go.johnnybogs.com/facts 

We all need to be careful with Fake News, it's rampant on the Internet

During a discussion, if all else fails, there is a remarkably simple solution...

Just make up some numbers.

Inventing numbers is a remarkably effective approach, and isn’t limited to the internet.

If you lie, how many people will check your numbers?

If the lie is caught, how will that be communicated to your audience?

The selective use of data, or cherry picking, is a commonly used method of extracting the “right” answer. This is true even when all the data tells an entirely different story.

I can understand how easy is to "find" information and only after deep research realize that information is incorrect. It's a struggle and an effort to keep digging to get to the root.

It's something we all have to do to prevent the proliferation of fake news, ESPECIALLY if you're a person in authority.

Fake News is Flooding our Country!

We need a strong person to filter that fake news not create it.
by (creating fake news by accident or on purpose)

It would help to see how fake news is created. 
See the real strategies that fake news organizations employ, such as impersonation, polarization, and of course emotional exploitation.

‘Fake News’ Smear Takes Hold Among Politicians at All Levels
President Donald Trump's campaign to discredit the news media has spread to officials at all levels of government, who are echoing his use of the term "fake news" as a weapon against unflattering stories. Complete article here

We need to increase the integrity of information, not use manipulation to discredit solid information or simply not go through the effort to evaluate information (especially if you are in a leadership position).

How to research fake newsImage from Shreve Memorial Library

Verify - Quick start to verifying online media

Checklists to help verify online content here

We need leaders that can focus on facts as well as require civility in the discussions they find themselves in

Make Change Happen

Get out and VOTE


Resistance without voting is just noise

What you need to know about voting

Register to Vote

Know Your Voting Rights

Check Your Status

Your Voting Guide

Where candidates running for office in your community stand on issues.

State senate voting records

How the US Congress Votes 
The U.S. Congress Votes Database documents every vote and member of the House and Senate since 1991. https://go.johnnybogs.com/congressvotes

Going Forward

Learn about how to design a civil internet https://go.johnnybogs.com/civil

Who will I be voting for?
Kate Donnelly

Worth repeating:

 I’m not the only one that supports Kate, or feels Doug Dubitsky's brand of conservatism borders on the radical. Check out what the New London Day had to say.

BTW - I'm planning on using Facebook and Google to advertise for Kate, on my dime.

I'm planning to share the details after the election. 

Next Post

How one troll threatened me (the gas chamber was mentioned) and what I did to respond.


All his social platforms are down, and I’m about to make him “INTERNET” famous. Stay tuned!

NOW Please, Please, GO OUT AND VOTE