Alleged Indianapolis Racial Profiling – This is the fallout

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How It Started

A tenant, Shane Holland claims racial profiling by off duty police officer as he was enjoying the pool of his apartment. Includes video of the altercation.   More details below

Most Current Result

Shane Holland, the tenant in the original story above recently arrested on other charges.    Details below...


How It Started

Approached by an off-duty police officer

A Black man was questioned by police at HIS OWN POOL and accused of jumping the fence to get in...

Original video and details from the Indy Star 
(note - to the best of my knowledge, the officer was never identified)

Another interesting video below (from NewsNow)


Most Current Result

“We do not allow discrimination of any kind and will ensure that all of our current and future staff continue to receive fair housing and implicit bias training,”
Alex Stokely, president of the company that owns the facility

Holland was recently in the news for a confrontation caught on video

Shane Holland (the guy in the pool story above)  now accused of striking officer outside of downtown bar

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